Chemical Lawn and Ornamental Treatment

Growing and maintaining a healthy, green, and beautiful landscape requires a comprehensive plan designed for your specific soils, plants, and landscape. Southern Turf's Total Lawn Care Package utilizes custom blended, environmentally friendly and phosphorus free fertilizers.

Our treatment process includes slow-release nitrogen that provides consistent color throughout the year. Potassium is also included with each application to enhance root growth, vigor and tolerance to stresses from drought, heat and cold. In addition for your ornamentals we utilize hand application of custom-blended, granular shrub fertilizer, ensuring that each shrub receives the proper amount.

Shrubs are treated with a blend of contact and systemic insecticides to prevent and control shrub-damaging insects. Fungicide applications are performed as needed to control damaging fungi.

To receive a chemical and ornamental quote please contact us by email or call 407-273-8388.

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