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University of Florida Extension Center - Lawn & Garden
Florida gardening presents unique challenges, so we offer research-based assistance, information, and advice. Whether you are developing a vegetable garden, choosing landscape plants, or seeking information about lawn care, UF resources will help you make your yard green and beautiful.
Website: http://solutionsforyourlife.ufl.edu/lawn_and_garden/

Bahiagrass Lawns & Pastures
Bahia grass is a good low input warm season lawn and pasture grass. Bahia can be easily planted from grass seed and provides a decent "medium utility" turfgrass lawn in Southern state areas.
Website: http://www.bahiagrass.com/

Florida Friendly Landscaping
Environmental protection begins in your yard. Learn about Florida-friendly landscaping, pick up some landscaping tips and see examples of landscape designs.
Website: http://www.floridayards.org

Lawn, Turf, Ornamental Pests
Home lawns and ornamentals (shrubs, trees, flowers, etc.) are commonly infested with insects, bugs, weeds, diseases and other pests which cause severe damage to turfgrass. These pests can be divided into two groups based on their location: SOIL INHABITANTS and THATCH INHABITANTS. Both groups severely damage lawns.
Website: http://www.kill-fireants.com/lawnpests.htm

Get Rid of Fire Ants
Fire ants do not inflict pain by biting but they do have a sting that is somewhat similar to that of wasps and bees. Fire ants hold on with their mouthparts and inject venom into skin through a smooth - not barbed - stinger. As the ant holds on to its victim's skin (by biting the skin) it swings around in a circle, injecting its smooth stinger into the skin numerous times.
Website: http://www.kill-fireants.com/fire_ants.htm

Insect Management in Your Florida Lawn
Several insects and insect relatives live in Florida lawns, but not all of them hurt the grass. Many are harmless, some are beneficial, and some are pests. Only a few cause significant damage and need immediate control.
Website: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/LH034

Tropical Plants Library Online
Website: http://www.mgonline.com/


Central Florida Businesses

Central Florida Business Brokers
Michael Shea P.A.
Senior Agent
Transworld Business Brokers
4700 Millenia Boulevard, # 270
Orlando Florida 32839
Office: 407-745-0466
Cell: 321-287-0349
Fax: 954-449-8518
Website: http://www.businesses4saleorlando.com/







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